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As part of AMR’s activities and programs, the pioneering project “Mobile Clinic” was launched, marking a one a of its unique project across the Kingdom to serve underprivileged communities, rural villages, and desert areas. The two mobile clinics were an in-kind donation from the Kuwaiti Manabe'l-Khair Foundation and Kuwait's Zakat House, while they were equipped by Heirs of Mr. Khalid Abdullatif Al-Hamad from Kuwait and LDS Charity from the US. The “Mobile Clinic” started providing its services to the target groups after its opening at the end of March 2022 through an integrated medical team that provides many primary medical services, starting with general medicine and family medicine clinics, dentistry, pharmacy, and medical laboratories, in addition to continuous cooperation with hospitals and health centers to refer patients to obtain advanced medical services when needed. What also distinguishes the “Mobile Clinic” is that it is equipped with the latest necessary medical equipment and devices, in addition to providing the pharmacy with the necessary medicines to cover the needs of the visiting patients for free. 

AMR works periodically to establish free medical days through the “Mobile Clinic” for the targeted areas, at a rate of (350) patients per day, and targets (50) areas annually. The number of beneficiaries of the clinic's services since its opening in March 2022 until December 2022 has reached more than (7500) beneficiaries, through (21) free medical days.

Clinics and departments of the center

  • General medicine clinic
  • Pediatric clinic
  • Obstetrics and gynecology clinic
  • Dentist clinic
  • Pharmacy
  • Health education unit